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Ever since the first time I met Ben Meyer, I've wanted to write a story about his
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It’s a mesmerizing time to be tasting one’s way through vegan Portland as I tiptoe back into the vegan dining scene for Portland Dining Month. Continue reading →
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....in this day and age of culinary veganism, aged nut cheese = love. Continue reading →
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LOOK! A RECIPE! This winter, I’ve been undergoing a pantry-challenge. Never ever, ever before, did I think my life would include oh, so many bowls of lentil soup. And now, it does. Continue reading →
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Behind-the-scenes with Vida Vegan's location scouting of Las Vegas, including a vegan meetup at Bar + Bistro and cheap vegan eats at Garden Grill and Ronald's Donuts. Continue reading →
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Another fond look back at the hiatus, and my experience at Chiang Mai's Asia Scenic Cooking Class. Curry appreciation, galore. Continue reading →
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Vegan eats, sister-time & budget travel: a week in Brooklyn, NY for the holidays Continue reading →
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These autumn-spiced pickles, created for Vida Vegan's holiday class last week, are my new favorite: full of warm, subtle spices in every bite. I'm talking cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, allspice, and ginger, all spices that would be just as welcome in mulled wine and pumpkin pie. Recipe inside.
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Life, infusions, recipe testing and an invitation to Vida Vegan's Holiday Event this Saturday in Portland, OR. P.S. my blog is snowing. Continue reading →
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Hello. My name is Kathleen and I love books.A few years ago I heard som
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An interview with Dynise Balcavage, aka the Urban Vegan, author of the new book: Pies and Tarts with Heart. Photos of Frozen Grasshopper Pie, Gingered-Pear Pie and Pumpkin Pie. And now, I am seriously craving pie and humming the song from Waitress...
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Scenes from my vegan travels in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok. Continue reading →
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Bunk Sandwiches I asked, What is the best restaurant for lunch in Portland. Food
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Greetings from the final days of Vegan MoFo, the start of our six week hiatus in SE Asia and our first few days in Bangkok... Continue reading →
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What kind of wine drinker are you? The Republican Beer-loving pranksters rig a bud’s house so that beer would flow from all taps. Philly.com Eric Asimov on which wines best pair with a vegan...
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VeganMoFo Day Three> Fried rice takes one hot pan and a few basic ingredients: that rice from the night before, veggies, soy sauce, sesame oil, pinches of sugar and pepper, and maybe some baked cubes or smoked strips of tofu to make lunch happen. Or lately, some tofu just scrambled in, breakfast style.
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The month ahead is shaping up quite nicely, with those speakeasy night experiments, birthdays (and cakes) for J. Legume and myself, serious travel plans and more VeganMoFo brainstorming than I've ever attempted before. In case you're unfamiliar, VeganMoFo is an annual month of dedicated food writing in which hundreds of blo
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It’s beyond time to revamp the epic Portland Vegan 100. The purpose of the Portland Vegan 100 is to be a handy to-do (well, eat & enjoy) list of our city’s greatest vegan dining options for out-of-towners and dedicated, hungry residents, alike. There have been a …
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Will mainstream vegan options inspire or simply capitalize? Only time will tell, and I'm remaining optimistic. Continue reading →
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With VeganMoFo VII mere weeks ahead, I've been busy brainstorming and beginning to prepare, so it's time to put aside the recipe posts and mason jars with the realization that August is truly moving forward, and share some good old-fashioned vegan food porn* glory, starting with one of the many handcrafted highlights...
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Friends of Family Farmers (FoFF) is like
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A fond farewell to a Portland vegan bakery....To every vegan that's frantically asked me where to eat on their Portland vacation these past few years, you probably heard me rave about those cinnamon rolls, and I hope you had the chance to make their acquaintance.
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What’s this? Have you checked out the sidebar lately? Perhaps you’ve been wondering where the Stumptown Vegans have been… Well, we’ve certainly been busy, but we ARE sharing our recent […]
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A tale of overcoming Tofutti overload, childhood memories and veganizing my own Tiramisu. Continue reading →
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In the footsteps of South by Southwest, it’s undeniably become a huge vegan travel destination, arguably replacing Portland as the ‘mecca’, if you will. My visit with team Vida Vegan Headquarters is now months behind me, and there’s this before and after of my thoughts (and hunger for) tacos…and margaritas. The gr
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First things first, Happy Vegan Pizza Day! If three little things weren’t standing in the way of my own pizza-making ambitions today, well, I’d have some dough rising right now. Instead, I’m melting into a puddle of freckles as it’s …
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My travel bug has been itching up a storm, and this Spring’s venture to Victoria B.C. and back has only made it twitch some more.  J. Legume and I spaced out the journey with evenings, exploration and meals in Seattle, …
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If you like the Berlin Inn, this is the last week the German restaurant will be open. After 21 years of busin
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I've been tinkering around with the eventual recipe for Division Street* Pho, which is traditionally identified as a pho chay, for months now. Tinker, tinker. I found myself on what became an epic quest for vegan pho chay in Portland last winter (which I'll be compiling one of these days), and really studying the flavors i
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It's my day on the Whole Grain Vegan Baking Blogtour, and I'm taking the teeniest, tiniest moment away from uh, week-of Vida Vegan Con-hyperdrive duties, before bed to share what I've made so far from this intriguing, wholesome book. Let's be honest, there are a lot lot lot of vegan cookbooks out these days (and well, seemi
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A combination of baketivism and plastic-wrapped nostalgia at its finest.   These were for last weekend’s Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in Portland, inspired by a big ole vganized Zebra cake that J. Legume and I made a few months ago. I vaguely remember our conversation on what type of cake to make for a gathering, and
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I’ve been perusing Serious Eats (and wishing they’d read my mind and hand over my own vegan column already, jeez) quite a bit lately, and had to borrow one of their regular features as a title here, and hand it over to the past two weeks in my culinary life.  As I’m a bit nutty …
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Tales of the Texas VegFest (starring jaw-dropping vegan funnel cakes, tacos, Capital City goodies, Ethiopian stews and more) this past weekend are still rocking the vegan internet, so consider me crazy jealous – and in taco withdrawal. That’s certainly another long-delayed photo essay in the making for another l
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Funny how it is with cookbook authors whose work I know and admire—t
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What better time to start putting together a recap about a visit to the Better Living Home and Garden Show than a Boltbus with shaky but semi-reliant WiFi out-of-town? I’m now back home and just last night, started a batch of chocolate liqueur using the organic Frontier Co-op cacao nibs I picked up at the show (yea
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I’ve been caught dreaming of warm days (which is so not me) and vibrant margaritas (which is the new me) since my trip to Austin, TX with Vida Vegan HQ last month. Give me a patio, a salted rim, dark sunglasses, chips and endless salsa, and you have the highlight of a summer day. It’s …
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Here’s a little story from the early morning pages…..of dear J. Legume expressing her silly concern of not waking up to homemade breakfast often enough, my flabbergasted reaction, and her brunchy dreams surely coming true with spicy scrambled tofu, diner-style potatoes, and the fluffiest biscuits I’ve made
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The first month of a new year has already come and gone, so let’s get on with this. Here are my top ten vegan eats from spending the month of December 2012 in New York, New York. These are in no particular order and some are more specific than others. Qualifying factors and fun notes …
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2/7 add Nel Centro, Vindalho, Pix/Bar Vivant, Biwa, Bluehour 2/4 added Skamania Lodge 2/2 added a Cena, Mextiza 2/1 updated Meriwethers, added Castagna, Nostrana 1/31 added Riverview, Bar Lolo, Equinox 1/29 added Hall Street Grill, Three Degrees Waterfront Bar & Grill, Montinore Estate
After a few years off, I found myself visiting the ‘ol home state not once but twice in late 2012. I’d been perusing those tempting fare alert emails, talking snow withdrawal with J. Legume, and the next thing I knew, we had our hands on some promotional airfare and another stay in what we like to …
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12/29 Added Oba, Cafe Nell, Iorio 12/28 added  Vindalho, Eat: An Oyster Bar, Updated Pix Patisserie / Bar Vivant, add Gallo Nero, add Roots Restaurant & Bar 12/26 – add Thirst Bistro, H50 Bistro & Bar, Altitude Restaurant 12/20 – add Rum Club, ad
12/24 added COFFEE! 12/23 added Barista Coffee, Original Dinerant. 12/18 added Metrovino, Bistro Maison. 12/17 – added 24th & Meatballs, Bar Avignon, Besaw’s, Fratelli,
Yeah, you can correctly assume that this leftover-incorporation project was an experiment gone oh, so, tender and right. Being that J. Legume and I were opting for something different this past Thanksgiving, we decided to make what turned out to be a giant batch of mashed potatoes the weekend prior.  I’d never fores
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THE GRAND ENTRANCE… BLOG TOUR!  This post is a whole trio of firsts: my first time breading with cornflakes, my first blog tour, and shockingly, my first cookbook giveaway. Who saw that happening?!  Well, it’s all in honor of an enthusiastic, satisfying and beautifully photographed cookbook from two fello
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Four days ago, I was enjoying the final, hectic day of a very busy, hurricane-extended hiatus in New York City. Three days ago, I made my way to Seattle for the Vida Vegan Tech Seminar. Tonight, I’m back in Portland, accompanied by my cats, both Legume sisters, MoFo back-log (let’s blame that hurricane, that Bus
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Three recent lunch stops were très tasty, not very expensive and speedy without being rushed.
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